CBEs are exams used for credit recovery (a student failed a course and would like to obtain a credit) or for course acceleration (a student would like to obtain credit for a course without taking the course).
*CBE test date and registration deadline:
Test Date 1: Wednesday, March 25
Registration Deadline: Friday, February 28Test Date 2: Monday, May 11
Registration Deadline: Thursday, April 9

For a registration form, see your grade level counselor.
Exam Fees:
Exam for credit recovery – $40 per subject, per semester
Exam for course acceleration – $40 per subject, per semester (fee for this exam can be reimbursed after the exam is taken)
Fees should be paid to the front desk ONLY, by credit or debit card.
If you have any questions, contact your grade level Counselor or the Testing Coordinator.